This “Statement of Service” is designed to give information about the range of services that ITC Centre offers to its clients. We provide information, advice and guidance to adults who live or work in Manchester through the provision of Learndirect courses.

What We Offer


ITC Centres key aim is “To improve skills, prepare and promote the employability of adult learners”.

We provide impartial and effective information, advice and guidance to ensure that potential learners are provided with services that enable them to develop the knowledge, skills, and qualities to meet their needs, goals and future career requirements. We offer confidential support which can help you:

  • Identify opportunities that might be open to you.
  • Understand more about yourself and what you might be capable of doing.
  • Consider the implications of choosing various options.
  • Make a plan of what you can do to reach your chosen goals.
  • Identifying ways of overcoming barriers that might get in your way.
  • Reasonable adjustment and study support to facilitate your studies if you have a disability or additional requirements.
  • Access to an advisor who can provide you with more information about options beyond present study; for example  careers, or further training or study outside the centre.
  • Information, advice and guidance about the job-seeking process including creating CVs and completing application forms, preparing for interviews and looking for job vacancies;

In addition, if you want, we can advocate on your behalf to other agencies who may be able to help you achieve your aim.

We provide a range of qualifications in partnership with  Edexcel, OCR and BCS.


Our basic skills courses are free to the learner and there is a small charge for ICT courses



  • Will treat you with respect.
  • Your interest come first with prompt and courteous attention.
  • Impartial and unbiased information and guidance.
  • Confidentiality , your information will be kept in accordance with Data Protection Acts.
  • Well trained, qualified and competent staff.
  • Up to date information on what is happening in education, training or employment and tell you about it.
  • Advice and services to enable you to study effectively if you have a disability or additional requirement.
  • Give us honest and relevant information in return we will give you the best information and advice possible.
  • Show consideration and respect to other learners, staff and policies at the centre
  • Prompt contact if you have any questions or concerns about your studies.

For further details please ask for a copy of our student charter .


  • It is important that we know what you think about your learning. We ask you to let us know how you feel about your course, the centre, our staff and anything that you experience at the centre or when you are studying at home. Please talk to the staff at the centre, or fill in a centre feedback form.

    Feedback forms are available at the reception. We welcome any comments you have which may help us to improve our services.


  • If you are a learner and have a complaint, we suggest that you talk to your tutor or centre manager first, as most issues can be resolved at this stage.

    Should you wish to make a formal complaint please use the Complaint form which is available from reception.