Our trained and qualified tutors provide impartial information and advice so that learners are signposted to the most appropriate learning provider. If learndirect courses is the most appropriate for you, all necessary information about the centre, courses (including funding eligibility and cost of courses) enrolment and induction will be given to you by staff and tutors according to our centre Induction Procedures.

You will be given a welcome pack.This welcome pack includes our learner charter, Health & safety policy, Equality and diversity policy, Disability Policy and other necessary documents

An individual Learning plan will be devised in collaboration with you the learner and your advisor. This will map out a plan of learning to meet your goals. You will be enrolled on a suitable learn direct course to meet the goals on your learning plan. For quality reasons it is our policy where possible to only enrol learners on one course at a time. The enrolment process produces an Individual learning Agreement, a signed copy of which is kept by both you the learner and the centre. You will also be given information and encouraged to obtain a qualification. You will also be encouraged to address any skills for life needs before embarking on IT or Business and Management courses.

All learners have an e-induction, which is an on-line tool, designed to help learners understand the induction.

We are open from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. You can attend to study your course whenever you like between these times because all our courses work on flexible learning. This is great because you do not need to worry about missing a class because of your busy schedule. If you let our tutors support you regularly and confirm your outcomes as you study you can also study at work and home. The tutor will show you how to access, navigate and record outcomes on your course and record progress in the learner toolkit. Your tutor will monitor your progress and will know when you complete an outcome. Progress is also monitored each time you visit the centre by our tutors. The tutors will set additional exercises for you to help monitor your progress and provide evidence of outcome completion and goal achievement. Regular reviews will be held with you. This is your chance to tell us if you are enjoying the course and if you need any extra help so please do not hesitate to ask. This course review is recorded on your Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

It is your responsibility as a learner to keep in regular contact with us. You must also co-operate with our tutors and record your learning outcomes as you go through the course. We will show you how to do this. If you do not keep in regular contact   or record your learning outcomes with us, your course will be withdrawn. If your course becomes withdrawn you will be unable to study and we will not re-enrol you on another course or return any learning fees paid. So for your own benefit, please do keep in regular contact with us.

Most of the courses we offer are government funded and it is a requirement that you allow us to support you on the course.

When all of your course outcomes have been completed and your tutor has confirmed them and is happy about your progression onto the course, we will give you an end of course review and discuss about the next most suitable course for you or any possible future qualification you might want to achieve. Certificates will be given to learners within a month of completing their course. Your new course of study will be recorded on your ILP and we will then enrol you onto your next course.

Do not worry if this seems complicated at first because your tutor will be there to guide you all the way through. We will show you how to contact your tutor in the centre either by e-mail or by telephone.